Grill Perfect

Spice-rubs or Meat-rubs are fast gaining in popularity with chefs around the world, and it's easy to understand why.

Rubs are a fantastically simple way to add flavor and nuance to everyday meals.

Basically, a rub is a mixture of spices and herbs that are applied directly to meats before cooking.

What makes a rub different from a marinade is that you apply the flavoring directly to the surface of the meat itself.

This gives you a different way to control the intensity and distribution of the seasonings.

There are two categories of rubs: Dry-rubs, which are made with spices and seasonings only; and wet-rubs, which contain moist ingredients.

After applying a rub, wrap the meat in plastic and place it in the refrigerator before cooking. (I let all my meats sit in the rub outside of the fridge and come to room temp.)

This will allow the meat time to absorb the flavor from the various spices.

A plastic zipper bag is great for this.

Grill Perfect Suggestions

I wanted to let everyone know how I intended from this product to be used. This is an extremely versatile product that can be used in many ways and I would love to hear how you use it too. But this is the basics that is was developed for.

Remember to always make sure that the jar is stirred very well before using. Make sure all the wonderful spices and oil are mixed thoroughly together.

Beef Steaks or Pork Chops:
Choose your favorite cut of meat, remove from the fridge about a half hour before cooking. Brush liberally over both sides of the meat. Let meat sit until it comes to room temperature, flipping it once. Cook your favorite way! I prefer the grill.

Chicken or Turkey Breasts:
Brush liberally over both sides let sit 30 minutes and cook till done.

Whole Chicken or Turkey:
Brush liberally over entire bird let sit for about an hour and cook slowly until done.

Beef or Pork Loins and Ribs:
Brush heavy on all sides and let sit for up to an hour and cook.

Beef, Pork Shoulders, Roasts and such:
Use as a marinade, pour over and let sit for hours in fridge and then cook slowly.

Bread and Vegetables:
Brush lightly on all sides and cook immediately.

Shrimp and Fish:
Brush lightly on both sides and cook immediately.

Wet Spice Rub Suggestions Form

Like I say, this is an amazing unique product with unlimited uses so start with this and then reach for the sky! Just remember to email us all the fun ways you cook with Galassi Foods!